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Why are we reforming General Education at UW Oshkosh?
Our current General Education system is in need of reform so that we may better serve student learning. This reform endeavor is also required for our next campus re-accreditation. We are working together as an academic community to create a plan that is connected, intentional, and reflective of best practice.

What has been done so far?
To date, this reform effort has necessitated significant collaborative effort from faculty and staff who have been envisioning possibilities, investigating best practices, and examining feasibility. General Education Reform has been in progress at UW Oshkosh for several years, beginning in 2007 with the Liberal Education Reform Team (LERT). The original charge to that team and related groups expired at the end of Spring semester 2011, but not before they had contributed to the design of the Student Learning Outcomes (May 2008), worked with departments to align courses with the learning outcomes (2009-2010), and shepherded the Liberal Education Framework through the governance process (May 2011). This past summer, General Education Reform summer working teams moved that Framework toward further specificity for campus conversation during this Fall 2011 semester.

What is the timeline for these reform endeavors?

  • Campus-wide conversations and weekly reform team meetings are occurring in September and October, 2011.
  • General Education Reform recommendations will be presented for formal discussion during the Provost's Teaching and Learning Summit, Oct. 24-28, 2011.
  • Following revision based on input during the Summit, a proposal is expected to be presented through faculty governance.

How can I participate in the campus-wide General Education Reform conversation?

  • Read the best practice General Education Reform resources. (Start with Gaston, et al. for a concise summary; copies available at the CETL library in the Pollock Alumni House.)
  • Contact a member of the General Education Reform Team for conversation.
  • Participate in the online discussion.
  • Read the weekly General Education Reform e-mails. (Distributed each Tuesday).
  • Participate in the Provost's Teaching and Learning Summit, Collaborating…for a Change.
  • Schedule a visit of a General Education Reform Leadership Team member to your department, program, or unit meeting for input conversations.

This reform is necessary, important, invigorating—and it's up to all of us…together.


Stay Up to Date with General Education Reform at: uwosh.edu/usp


Participate in the General Education Reform Discussion


Schedule a Visit from a Member of the General Education Reform Team


Draft Vision Statement:
The purpose of the General Education Program at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is to help ignite the flame of intellectual curiosity in our students, encourage them to begin to understand their responsibilities as educated and engaged people, and lay the foundation for the skills and knowledge that will enable them to succeed not only as university students but also as both local and global citizens.

Questions or Comments?
Please send them to Lori Carrell, CETL Director and General Education Reform Facilitator, at carrell@uwosh.edu.
Watch for General Education Reform each Tuesday of the Fall 2011 Semester!
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