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General Education Reform in Progress: Frequently Asked Question

How will the Signature Questions (SQs) be used?

  • The SQs are designed to provide three broad arenas of inquiry and to provoke students' intellectual curiosity.
  • A small but intentional subset of courses in the new General Education Program will include content related to these questions.

Signature Question Revision
Thanks to dozens of collaborative, multi-disciplinary conversations, the Signature Question drafts have been revised:

  • How do people understand sustainability and the connections among society, the economy, and the environment?
  • How do people understand and engage in local or global community life?
  • How do people understand culture, form and express cultural identity, and adopt cultural values?

Proposal Presentation
The General Education Program Proposal will be presented during the Provost's Teaching and Learning Summit on Tuesday, October 25th, at 3:00 p.m. in Reeve 227A.

Included in this important session:

  • A verbal presentation of the draft General Education Reform Proposal
  • A visual representation of the draft General Education Reform Proposal
  • A sample General Education course schedule
  • Expanded descriptions of the Signature Questions, with course examples and related rubrics
  • Collection of verbal and written feedback for the final revision process (be sure your department or program is represented)
  • Interaction via Skype with members of the Portland State General Education Reform and Implementation Team


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Schedule a Visit from a Member ofthe General Education Reform Team

Questions or Comments?
Please send them to Lori Carrell, CETL Director and General Education Reform Facilitator, at carrell@uwosh.edu.
Watch for General Education Reform each Tuesday of the Fall 2011 Semester!
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