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An expression of gratitude for all who are contributing to the developing program proposal...

  • Those many members of the UW Oshkosh campus community who comprised the Liberal Education Reform Team (LERT), yielding the adoption of the Essential Learning Outcomes and the General Education Framework
  • Participants who attended General Education sessions at the Provost's Teaching and Learning Summits of 2010 and 2011, and other relevant campus dialogues
  • External and internal administrative leaders and resources, including Summit speakers, leaders on campuses that are serving as models, the AAC & U research publications, and many others
  • The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning leadership team, as they support this endeavor with professional instructional development
  • Members of the summer 2011 working teams, the current reform team, and the current leadership team for General Education
  • Departments and programs that have invited the leadership team for General Education reform to engage in dialogue
  • Members of our academic community who have posted comments and ideas to discussion boards
  • All who have sent suggestions via email
  • Those who will respond to a campus-wide survey and attend open forums after the next version of the draft program proposal is made available

Thank You.


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Questions or Comments?
Please send them to Lori Carrell, CETL Director and General Education Reform Facilitator, at carrell@uwosh.edu.
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