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Current Efforts

  • Substantive input on the draft proposal has been collected from dialogues with departments, programs, Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Senate, and the Oshkosh Student Association; Summit sessions; email exchanges and electronic discussion board posts; formal meetings with external and internal groups; and numerous informal conversations. Most of the input is related to implementation.
  • The leadership team for the reform of General Education has been meeting to discuss each suggestion and to begin to formulate recommendations regarding implementation procedures.
  • Appropriate logistics experts are being consulted for critical points of information related to implementation feasibility questions (for example, the Registrar).
  • Colleagues at other institutions that have reformed their General Education programs are also being consulted, as is the literature related to their endeavors.
  • Professional development support for those who will teach in the new General Education program is beginning to be envisioned with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the Office of Grants and Faculty Development.

Next Steps

  • The leadership team will meet for a second retreat on December 4, 2011, working to formulate the next version of the General Education program proposal.
  • That version will more specifically delineate teaching and learning parameters to further inform thinking and conversation regarding potential course offerings.
  • The next draft proposal will be posted to the General Education Reform website, and input will continue to be welcomed.
  • During interim, that draft will be examined by the broader General Education team and others who can provide specific input regarding logistical feasibility.
  • The program proposal will be prepared and made available to the campus community.

Spring Semester 2012

  • Faculty/Staff and Student Surveys
  • Open Forums
  • Compilation of Survey Information and Open Forum Feedback
  • Final Revision
  • Program and Implementation Procedure Proposals submitted through Faculty Governance Process
  • (Tentative: Phase One implementation, focused on identifying and modifying courses for the currently envisioned Quest component of the new General Education program-more information to come)


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