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Final Proposal Revisions

Through the careful consideration of recent campus input collected via surveys, open forums, and discussion board posts, the committee charged with the reform of general education has made revisions and clarifications to the proposal. A description of these final revisions and clarifications (pdf) can be found on the University Studies Program Proposal website.

The three major changes to be found in the final revision of the proposal include:

  • The category of Culture in EXPLORE has changed to Cultural Expression;
  • The designated percentage of Signature Question content in Quest II and III courses has changed from 50 percent to 30 to 50 percent;
  • The CONNECT writing course will now synthesize all three Signature Questions rather than focusing on one of them.

Additional substantive clarifications related to the following items are also included in the final revision of the proposal:

  • Expectation for Continual Curricular Revision
  • EXPLORE Categories
  • Signature Question Content in QUEST Courses
  • CONNECT Writing Course
  • Quest III Civic Engagement Project
  • Selection of Terms for Components of the Proposed Program (QUESTION, EXPLORATION, CONNECTION)
  • Quest II Enrollment Cap
  • Selection of Signature Questions
  • Assessment: Program vs. Course
  • Transfer Student Campus Acculturation
  • Non-Traditional Students
  • Advising and Professional Development for the University Studies Program
  • Complexity of the University Studies Program

The complete revised proposal will be posted to the USP website this week.

Questions or Comments?
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