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University Studies Program: General Education for the 21st Century

Implementation Moves Forward

  • Department/program dialogues lead to preliminary identification of disciplinary courses to be modified or created for Quest I: DONE!
  • Instructors who will teach Quest I disciplinary courses, Communication 111, or Writing Based Inquiry Seminars register for Quest I Faculty College (May 22-24) if they are available. DONE!
  • Multidisciplinary team prepares Quest I Faculty College. (IN PROGRESS!)

Still Time to Identify Courses for the USP

  • The USP preliminary curriculum is not complete. Does your department/program have an additional course that could fit into Quest I with a Sustainability Signature Question, Quest II (especially in the sciences), or Quest III?
  • Some departments may have been hesitant to identify or develop courses for the Quest given concerns related to enrollment, pre-requisites, course level, resources, or Signature Question expectations. We welcome your questions regarding potential courses via email: usp@uwosh.edu.

Quest I Instructors' Next Steps

  • May 22-24: Instructors participate in stipend-supported Quest I Faculty College.
  • June 11: Alternative professional development session for instructors who cannot attend May Faculty College and who will be creating a new Quest I disciplinary course. More information to come.
  • June 1-July15: Instructors submit draft syllabi for feedback regarding integration of First Year Experience and Signature Question content.
  • August 3: Instructors complete syllabi and curricular modification forms for department/program (instructions, forms, and support will be provided).

Recommended Review Process for New Course Proposals for Quest I

  • August 3: Department chairs/program directors submit paperwork for NEW courses to Divisions.
    August 4-16: Divisions review proposals electronically, meeting face-to-face as needed.
  • August 17-30: College Curriculum Committees review proposals electronically, meeting face-to-face as needed.
  • September/October: Faculty Senate USP Committee (replacing APGES) Review; Faculty Senate Review; Provost's Office Review; PeopleSoft Entry of Approved Courses.

Current courses that are being modified slightly or used "as is" for the USP will use a different process – details to come.

Need Help?
For assistance, please use the following contact information:
email: usp@uwosh.edu
website: uwosh.edu/usp

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