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CETL Lessons from the Center for Excellence in Teaching in Learning

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL)September Opportunities and Deadlines

Small course project? New to SOTL? Consider the following...

First One Session Wonder of the year…
An Introduction to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Mon., Sept. 10, 9:10 a.m., Pollock Alumni House, CETL Gathering Room

SOTL Scholars Pilot Projects – Apply by Sept. 21
Do you have an idea for a “starter” classroom-based teaching and learning inquiry? Consider applying for the SOTL Scholars Pilot Project.  A program description and an online application are available at uwosh.edu/cetl. Selected scholars will collect data in Spring 2013 and present results at the SOTL Scholars Luncheon next Fall. Scholars receive $1,000 stipends.

SOTL Mentor Program – Apply by Sept. 28
The goal of this program is to prepare UW Oshkosh scholars to conduct SOTL inquiry via supportive relationships with colleagues who are published SOTL scholars. Apply to be a mentor if you are an experienced SOTL scholar.  New to UW Oshkosh or to SOTL? A program description, requirements and online application are available at uwosh.edu/cetl. Participants receive $500 stipends.

Meet the New CETL Coordinator: Eric Brunsell, COEHS

  • SOTL Mentoring Program
  • SOTL Scholars Showcase
  • SOTL Scholars Pilot Program
  • Senior SOTL Scholars Learning Community
  • UW System Teaching Fellows and Scholars
  • and more...(see cetl website for Eric's short bio!)

Fall CETL Highlights:

  • Book Club (The Heart of Higher Education by Palmer & Zajonc)
  • One-Session Wonders (practical, short, research-based, interactive workshops) for traditional and online/blended classrooms
  • Best Practice Certification - Global Citizenship and Student Learning
  • University Studies Program Quest II and Quest III Workshops
  • Provost's Teaching and Learning Summit: October 22-26

For more information, check the following:

  • CETL Menu (in your mailbox)
  • CETL website (uwosh.edu/cetl)
  • CETL Lessons (in your inbox each Thursday)

Register for all CETL events at: uwosh.edu/cetl


Key Initiatives:

  • Inclusive Excellence
  • Global Connections
  • Sustainability
  • Assessment
  • Undergraduate Student Research
  • Essential Learning Outcomes
  • Instructional Technology
  • First Year Experience


Questions or Comments?
Please send them to Eric Brunsell, CETL Coordinator, at cetl@uwosh.edu.

Watch for CETL Lessons each Thursday of the Fall 2012 Semester!
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