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Provost’s Teaching and Learning Summit:
Civic Engagement and Student Learning

Opening Reception Speaker: Paul Loeb*
October 22, 5-7 p.m. — Students welcome!
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“Paul Loeb brings hope for a better world in a time when we so urgently need it.”
~Millard Fuller, founder, Habitat for Humanity

Paul Loeb is the author of the award-winning civic engagement books Soul of a Citizen, The Impossible Will Take a Little While, and Generation at the Crossroads. Loeb gets beyond prevailing media stereotypes to understand the struggle of this new generation to find its place in a confusing world. Hearing a range of voices from "I'm not that kind of person" to "I had to take a stand," Loeb examines students' concepts of social, political, and environmental responsibility, what matters in their lives, and how they view themselves in relation to a larger human community. Loeb challenges images of a generation universally perceived as apathetic and greedy, and asks how students and citizens in general can gain the moral, political, and intellectual tools to take responsibility for the future, and how faculty and professional staff can help in this journey.

Encourage your students to attend the reception and keynote!
We also hope you encourage your students to come to the reception and Loeb’s inspiring lecture. Loeb's lecture will draw those students already concerned with social issues, but it's even more important that he reach those who resist any notion of common responsibility, or feel overwhelmed when they think about getting involved. Because of the very barriers Loeb describes, students may be wary about coming to his talk—or any talk on larger public issues. But if they do come, many will discover, as they have at other schools, that they can indeed find ways to have a role as active citizens.

Members of the UW Oshkosh teaching community should register to attend the reception and keynote. Students do not need to register. However, if you are planning to bring one of your classes, please include an estimated number of students. Learn more and register.

To read a recent op-ed on student voting written by Paul Loeb visit Inside Higher Ed.

Soul of a Citizen

When my daughter asked from college how to be an effective grassroots citizen, I gave her Paul’s book.”

~Josette Sheeran, Executive Director, United Nations World Food Program

Soul of a Citizen has been a powerful resource to get thousands of students involved in their communities, giving them the opportunity to apply their learning in meaningful ways. This updated edition is both timely and exceptionally useful to campuses that want to reclaim higher education’s central role in educating responsible, democratic citizens.”

~Carol Geary Schneider, President, Association of American Colleges & Universities

You [Paul] are part of what's good about this world and I admire your work very much. This book can even make one hopeful about the future despite so many signs to the contrary."

~Bill Moyers

The Impossible Will Take A While

*This speaker is made possible through funding from the Provost's Office, CETL, a Quality Collaborative Project grant from the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U), and the UW Oshkosh Speaker's Series.

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