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Quest II Course Development

As Quest I and Explore course proposals continue moving through the faculty governance process, instructors who will develop and teach Quest II courses meet for the first time on September 28 and 29, 2012.

The Quest II disciplinary courses they are developing will integrate content related to one of the three Signature Questions. Like their counterparts in Quest I, Quest II courses will also contribute to students’ intellectual curiosity and support their transition to university life through a learning community.

In addition to furthering the aims of a liberal education (like all courses in the USP), the Quest II courses also begin to address the responsibility of “Ethical Reasoning.” In its description of ethical reasoning, the American Association of Colleges and Universities recommends that students “recognize ethical issues in a variety of settings.” Ethical reasoning can be broadly construed—from the deliberation of issues and claims to engagement with the driving or pressing questions within each
academic discipline.

For additional information about Quest II, check the “Quest parameters” on the USP website. 

Special Thanks

UW System Contributors
For further information about the Institutional Change Grant that supports the Quest II professional development endeavor, you are invited to read this recent article titled UW System grant helps move University Studies Program forward, posted on UW Oshkosh Today.

UW Oshkosh Contributors
Special thanks to the following members of our campus community who are contributing to the development of resources for Quest II instructors:

USP Signature Question Coordinators and Members of the USP Council: Jordan Landry, Intercultural Knowledge and Competence; Stephanie Spehar, Sustainability; and Paul Van Auken, Civic Knowledge and Engagement.

Additional USP Council Members and Other Contributors: Tracy Slagter, Quest I/FYE Director; Eric Brunsell, CETL Coordinator; John Robertson, ePortfolio Specialist; Jill Endries, Director of Undergraduate Admissions; Elizabeth Whalley, Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising; Carleen Vande Zande, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Curricular Affairs and Student Academic Achievement; Mehgan Clark, USP Assistant Director; and Lori Carrell, USP Director.

Ethical Reasoning Resource Group: David Siemers (Political Science); Anca Miron (Psychology); Robert Wagoner (Philosophy); Gabriel Loiacono (History); Karl Nollenberger (Public Affairs); Courtney Bauder (Social Justice); Jennifer Mihalick (Chemistry); Nadejda Kaltcheva (Physics); Joseph Peterson (Geology); Shannon Davis-Foust (Biology and Environmental Studies); and Pete Brown (Religious Studies and Anthropology).

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